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State Reflections Winners Announced!

The Delaware State Reflections committee has announced winners of the State level Reflections Contest.

Congratulations to the winning entries from H.B.!

For Literature:

Troy Hernandez – HB DuPont (Winner)

Nikash Long – HB DuPont (Honorable Mention)

For Photography:

Sareena Modi-HB DuPont (Winner)

The Winners of the contest will go on to compete at the National Level.

PTA 2018/19 Reflections Theme “Heroes Around Me”

For 50 years, National PTA’s Reflections program has helped students explore their own thoughts, feelings, ideas and creativity in various art categories.

This year, students were asked to submit entries in the areas of Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music, Photography, and Visual Arts, reflecting on this year's theme, Heroes Around Me.

David Teague, a local author and professor at UD judged the literature contest for HB duPont Middle School PTA.

The winners of the literature contest for this year are:

Cameron Green

Troy Hernandez

Nikash Long

Mira Mistry

Ashley Rodriguez

Winners of the Visual Arts Contest are:

Haley Hudock

Srijay Chenna

Winner of the Photography Contest is:

Sareena Modi

Congratulations to all of the winners. Thank you to all of the students who participated as well as the teachers who support the contest.

Continue to express yourself through the arts!


Student Recognition

The PTA celebrates academic achievement at HB. Each quarter, students that have distinguished honors on their report card are invited to a special recognition ceremony.


Student Activities and Family Engagement

The PTA organizes many social events for students and HB families throughout the year, including: dances, skate night, family pasta night, and the 8th grade pool party. 


Teacher Support Fund and Grants Programs

HB PTA offers three programs to support HB’s fantastic staff.
First, our Teacher Support Fund reimburses teachers up to $50 for classroom materials.  To be reimbursed, attach receipts to this teacher reimbursement request form.

For more expensive items, the PTA’s Classroom Grant Program covers items in amounts up to $500. In order for our support to touch the most students, these items should benefit HB students during the school day. The applications for the 2018/19 classroom grants have now closed.

The PTA is also offering Academic Club grants, three in the fall and three in the spring, of up to $175 each. The deadline for the spring grant applications is March 29. For the spring application and further details click here.

The Teacher Support Fund, Classroom Grant Program, and Academic Club Support Grant are available to HB instructional staff, administrators and support staffs who are current members of the H.B. PTA.  If you have questions please contact treasurer Ann Pollock (ampollock75@gmail.com).


2018-2019 Classroom Support Grant applications

1. Mr. Cook – 7th grade math – calculators, calculator caddy, and calculator insurance ($453.39).

2. Ms. Beck - 6th, 7th and 8th grade Business and Tech - 3rolling laptop stands ($166.35).

3. Ms. Mash – 6th grade social studies – flexible seating ($500.00).

4. Ms. Brown – school guidance – Healing Neen DVD, and The Brain Architecture game ($224.00)

5. Ms. Casper and the 6th grade ELA dept- 45 copies of Number The Stars paperback book and 12 copies of Projekt 1065 paperback book ($455.43).

6. Mr. Mance – 6th grade social studies – 40 desk maps for the US and World ($356.00).

7. Mrs. Morseberger – 6th grade math – 168 tennis balls for 42 chairs ($208.88).

TOTAL $2,364.05 (Budget $3,000.00)

2018-2019 Academic Club Grant applications (fall/winter)

1. Mr. Cook – Math Counts and Math League – Book “The Art of Problem Solving, Vol. 1: The Basics” ($175.00).

2. Mrs. Matthews – AVID Lite, 6th grade – Binders and dividers to teach and monitor organization skills of AVID ($175.19)

TOTAL $350.19 (Budget $525.00)