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School of Excellence Survey – Please fill out:

It is time to touch base and re-evaluate how our school has done so that we can submit our final report on the success of our National PTA School of Excellence Action Plan.  This summer we will find out if HB du Pont Middle School will receive the special distinction as a National PTA School of Excellence and be the only school with that designation in the state of Delaware.

From our initial survey the areas that were brought forth that we needed to work on were mostly in the communication area.

Our action plan contained:

1. Increased communication with parents regarding what the school is doing to assist with transition of grades (5-6th, 7-8th, 8th-9th)

-Informing 5th grade parents about counselor visits to feeder schools.

-Posting dates and encouraging 7th graders to begin attending school choice open houses in preparation for 8th grade applications.

-Informing parents of 8th graders about high school presentations by the counselors, timing of visits by feeder High Schools for class selection.

2. Improved communication with the construction of a new digital Marquee sign (should be completed before school is out)

3. New school office to contain welcoming signs in both English and Spanish (construction completed for the Fall)

4. Improve numbering of rooms and hallway directional signage within interior of building scheduled to be painted this summer.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey HERE

Escuela de Excelencia Encuesta


Front Marquee Sign Update:

PTA has paid our portion of the sign in conjunction with the district, and HB and the sign is in the works.  PTA’s portion was $7,000 We used $4,000 from Warrior Fund Earnings, $1,000 New Castle County grant from Congresswoman Kilpatrick and a $2,000 donation from Max Rodriquez.  The permit has been submitted to the county and we await it’s approval and good weather to begin working on the sign.


'Reflections' Winners


Janelle Javier
Jordan Ormsby
Jake Hannum
Daniel Steenkamer
Louis Hu
Olivia Ormsby (2 entries)
Shayla Modi
Amrutha Veeramachineni
Grant Lutes
Ava Stiner
Visual Arts:
Ainsley Fischer
Samantha Uy
Dance Composition:
Sareena Modi
Sareena was also the winner of the Theme Search contest at the State level.  Her entry has been submitted to the National Level for judging.  
Congratulations to all of you for your winning Reflections Entries.  Good luck at the state level.  The State PTA will be contacting you if your entry is chosen to move on to the national level. 


Breakfast Vending Machines

The Nutrition Department is pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new breakfast vending machine!  This vending machine will be located at the main doors in the back of the building and will dispense full breakfasts at no charge to the students.  The students simply enter their birthday and student ID number and then select which breakfast they desire, then can enjoy it in their first class.  We are really counting on the students to be responsible and careful to clean up any mess they may make while eating, and not to eat near their Chromebooks or other electronic equipment.  
Of course, the students can still come to the cafeteria and select their breakfast, this is just another way that HB is making breakfast available to everyone.  Cash is not accepted in this machine, and only one breakfast per day per student will be dispensed.  We are also urging all students with a food allergy to continue to come to the cafeteria and get their lunch from the staff so that they can ensure they are eating foods that are safe for them.
The machine will be available to use on Monday, November 28.  It will be on every school day from 7:00am until 8:30am.  Please look for a Nutrition Department staff member to be available to assist the students during the first week of its operation.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Stacey Buchanan, cafeteria manager at 302.239.3425.